The Energetic Irish Setter - All About Irish Setters

Everything You Need to Know About the Red Irish Setter

The Picture Below is of a Irish Setter Bird Dog - Hunting Variety

The Irish Setter is one of the most energetic dogs. It is a dog which was originally bred for its hunting ability. While there are many who breed Irish Setters in the United States, many of the puppies produced by these breeders may not be the Irish Setter that that one might expect. When buying an Irish Setter be sure that it comes from a professional kennel, instead of the so called back yard variety. There is often a big difference in the quality and the purity of the puppy when purchasing a Irish Setter from a professional breeder and just someone who decided to start to breed them not knowing the many issues associated with the breed. Consumers who purchase Irish Setters for hunting purposes, should check to be sure that they are dealing with a field line breeder. Hunters often find that the dog they purchased simply won't hunt. If it won't hunt, it probably isn't a purebred Irish Setter. Often show breeders will simply cross an Irish Setter with whatever show feature dog is available, you might end up with a show dog. Ask if the breeder owns both the sire and dam.

When looking for a Irish Setter for hunting look for blood lines such as Wendover Irish Setter line from Brittan.

When buying a Irish Setter look for breeders who have been in the Irish Setter breeding business for a number of years. They have the knowledge to produce a sound genetic line of dogs. A good example is the Smyth Irish Setters & Irish Setter Puppies Kennel out of Wisconsin which has been breeding Irish Setters for well over 40 years. This breeder produces a prized line of hunting dogs that are very calm in temperament.

Check our Irish Setter Breeders Page for a listing of professional breeders.
Professional hunting Irish Setter breeders know and understand Irish Setter problems and would be more knowledgeable with the different Irish Setter Lines. Puppies from established breeders are high quality and have the traditional hunting Irish Setter qualities.

The Irish Setter makes an excellent pet for children as well as a hunting dog. Their high energy and enthusiasm allows them to play with children for hours without tiring.

Irish Setters are rich red in color and elegant in build and stand over two feet tall at the shoulders. They weigh between 60 to 70 pounds. Their coats are fine, straight and glossy, with hair longer on ears, tail, back of legs and chest. They are rich chestnut or mahogany in color with no black. There is sometimes a small amount of white on the chest, toes, or throat. Sometimes there is a narrow centered streak on the head. The field Irish setter is a fast moving hunter that is good natured and a excellent companion.